Current Students of Alef,b… in Arlington, VA

School address:
Marymount University 
2807 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22207

Contact: Michelle Tager
301 919 4481


WELCOME  TO ALEF, B… The playful way to learn the Arabic language and culture


Each student will receive a booklet every week. In order to make copies of this booklet, the teachers need to collect $15 per child for the each session. Please do not forget to give this to your teacher the first day of class.
No homework for children unless specified by teacher. Parents’ homework is to review with their child the booklet in the folder and to speak Arabic at home as much as possible.
Non-Arabic speaking parents: just take time to review the booklet and ask questions to your child. Be involved and show interest.

Snack is provided by the parents. Snack is a moment of intense communication in Arabic and used as such by our teachers. It is also a moment of cultural exchange, therefore please bring Arabic food (arouss/sandwich in Pita bread with Labneh, Jam, Honey, holiday pastries etc..). Remember it’s not a meal. 

Location and Directions

Marymount University, 2807  North Glebe Road, Arlington.
Parents should enter the campus from Glebe Road.
Check in at the guard house.
Park in lot next to guard house.
Walk from parking lot towards chapel
then make a slight right and head to Gailhac hall.
go up a flight of steps and then to the classrooms G114, G101

School year 2019-2020 schedule

Every  Sunday,   10:30am to 12:30pm  and 12:45pm to 2:45pm

Start date: October 6, 2019
End date: June 14, 2020 

Session 1:
Oct 6 to Dec 15, 2019
Session 2:
Jan 6, 2020 to March 15, 2020
Session 3:
March 22 to June 14, 2020

Days off:
Dec 1, 2019 - Thanksgiving week-end
Dec 22&29,2019
Feb 16 2020
April 4&12 2020
May 24, 2020


Supply list

Stationary and more:

Please give your child a stationery box or pouch with a pencil, an eraser, a sharpener, a box of coloring pencils (no permanent markers or crayons), a glue stick, a pair of scissors, a dry erase marker medium, any color.

Also please bring a two-pocket folder of any color with a notebook and a clear plastic sheet with a white paper in it to be used as a magic board, and a pocket tissue pack.


News & Events

Orientation meeting for new parents 

to be determined

End of year performance

to be determined

Teachers Contacts

Teacher: Ms. Kamala  kka2013a@gmail.com 

Past Pictures: 


Weekly lessons Samples


4 to 6 years old 

Learning Outcomes:

Gains in Academic content and/or cultural knowledge/theme:

Learning the concept of Family : العائلة  

أب - أم -  (بابا - ماما ) - أختي - أخي

Learning about gender in Arabic    صبي - بنت

Gains in communicative proficiency:

Learning how to introduce family members :

هذا بابا

هذه ماما

Learning how to express oneself as ( I am a boy - I am a girl)

أنا صبي - أنا بنت

أنا صبي هي بنت

أنا بنت هو صبي

Gains in accuracy: Form (pronunciation or spelling, vocabulary, grammatical structures)

Visual recognition of the words:

بابا - ماما

صبي - بنت 


We reviewed the last lessons : the letter Alef and the words Arnab - Ananas, the letter Ba'a and the words Benet - Battah - Batteekh

We reviewed   1 - 2 (Wahed - ethnan).

We learned about family members.

We learned the gender identity.

We listened to( Min Esmo ) song.

We played a game (meen saby- meen benet)

We learned a new song about family (the kids loved a lot: )

For next week:
Please review:
Please bring:


6 to 9 years old

Learning Outcomes:
Gains in Academic content and/or cultural knowledge/theme:

My House, part 2.غرفة  غرفة النوم. غرفة الطعام  غرفة الجلوس  الحمام   المطبخ 

Gains in communicative proficiency:

 Use colors preference to paint parts of  the house:

انا أحب اللون 
                                     لوني المفضل 

Gains in accuracy: Form (pronunciation or spelling, vocabulary, grammatical structures)

Letter ت  that comes in the words جدة  تالة .....etc 

Halloween  ة  : we find it at the end of the word & and it is somehow silent.

For next week:
Please review: please go over the worksheets we did at class.

Please bring: A picture of your favorite room in your house.

12 to 16 years old

Learning Outcomes:
Gains in Academic content and/or cultural knowledge/theme:

Learning all Days of the Week .

Gains in communicative proficiency:

Learning  how to use Question Words in Arabic:

ماذا - أين - كم - من

Gains in accuracy: Form (pronunciation or spelling, vocabulary, grammatical structures)

We covered the letters (ب - ت - ث ) with signs and the vowels creating new words.

We read from our story book Dunia fi Lubnan.


Please note that we are not having a collective snack anymore. If you want your child to eat  during the 10 minutes break please provide a light snack, preferably middle eastern :)
However, the teachers will be organizing a collective snack once every month in the Alefb tradition, whereby each parent would bring a middle eastern specialty for the kids to try.
Stay tuned for your teacher's instructions on this matter.


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