عائلتي واصدقائي

Listen and Repeat



  1. Listen to the recording

  2. Rollover the sound button to see meaning

  3. Repeat out loud

  4. When you have heard all the items, you can go to the next group of drills



هذا جدي، اسمه جدو
This is my grand pa, his name is Jeddo
Haza Jeddi, Ismouhou Jeddo
هذه ستي، اسمها تيتا
This is my grand ma, her name is Teta
Hazihi Sitti, Ismouha Teta
هذه أمي، اسمها ماما
This is my mother, her name is Mama
Hazihi Oummi, Ismouha Mama
هذا أبي، اسمه بابا
This is my father, his name is Baba
Haza Abi, Ismouhou Baba
هذا أخي، اسمه أيمن
This is my brother, his name is Ayman
Haza Akhi, Ismouhou Ayman
هذه أختي، اسمها أمل
This is my sister, her name is Amal
Hazihi Oukhti, Ismouha Amal
هذه صديقتي، اسمها يار
This is my friend (girl), her name is Yara
Hazihi Sadikati, Ismouha Yara
هذا صديقي، اسمه طارق
This is my friend (boy), his name is Tarek
Haza Sadiki, Ismouho Tarek
أين تيتا، ستِّك؟
Where is Teta, your grand ma ?
Wayn Teta Sittak?
أين أيمن، أخوكِ؟
Where is Ayman, your brother?
Wayn Ayman, Akhouki? (when asking a girl)
أين بابا، أبوكِ؟
Where is Baba, your father?
Wayn Baba, Abouki? (when asking a girl)
أين ماما، أمِّك؟
Where is Mama, your mother?
Wayn Mama, Oummik? (when asking a girl)
أين طارق، صديقك؟
Where is Tarek, your friend?
Wayn Tarek, Sadikak? (when asking a boy)
ن يارا، صديقتك ؟
Where is Yara, your friend?
Wayn Yara, Sadiktak? (when asking a girl)