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Alefb’s new partnerships

As we aim to make the Arabic journey of our kids the best one ever, we decided to partner with two companies who share the same ideas and views as Alefb on the learning of the Arabic language and culture;

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Alaabi for Arabic educational games and resources
Dolola Publishing, Arabic Sound books for kids

These two companies offer high quality products, authentic cultural material. It is a good way to complement Alefb online 1-on-1 classes by playing and reading at home, with friends and family. Arabic is fun!

Because you belong to the unique #Arabic4Good community, we have all decided to offer you a discount on these products. When you become a registered learner of the Alefb Online classes, you get a coupon code for a special discount on Alaabi games and Dolola sound books.

Stay on the lookout for more information on this collaboration through our social media and our blog, at!

Alaabi is the premiere start-up specialised in the creation and manufacturing of educational games and resources inspired by the Arabic culture to make the teaching and learning journey of the Arabic language fun! Alaabi (meaning “My Toys”) is here to support parents, teachers, speech therapists, social workers (in refugee camps) and any person who wants to learn/teach this language. We strive to provide enriching and high-quality material that develops children’s curiosity and cognitive skills, creating an immersive environment that complements the language(s) spoken at home/school.
Learning Arabic is FUN! Watch the reportage on the Night News Bulletin (MTV Lebanon) to learn more.

Dolola Publishing:
As two Lebanese moms living in Paris, Maria and Lara share one key value, that of fostering their Lebanese heritage to their children growing up away from home.
So far, they have published 2 books featuring iconic nursery rhymes, and a book capturing the sounds of the most traditional oriental instruments. The stories, the voices and the illustrations are all Lebanese, and as times started to get hard in this war-torn country, it became a core mission for Dolola to keep supporting local artists.
And for those of you who are wondering, « Dolola » is « Chocolat » as pronounced by Maria’s 2 year-old… a part from being cute, Maria and Lara thought there was a nice musical consonance to it.

Alefb Arabic Online:
Alefb is a non profit organization that has pioneered the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language to children the playful way, since 1994.
With this know-how, Alefb offers 1-on-1 online Arabic classes for kids, all ages and levels, anytime and from anywhere.
Today, more than ever, Alefb is responsibly creating job opportunities in Lebanon and MENA, and raising the new generation to make the world a better place #Arabic4Good


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