You are currently viewing Alefb at 30: Cultivating Global Citizens and Nurturing Local Talent

Alefb at 30: Cultivating Global Citizens and Nurturing Local Talent

Alefb at 30: Cultivating Global Citizens and Nurturing Local Talent

In the context of our partnership operations, as a non-profit organization, we strive to contribute to charitable, social, and educational causes. Regularly, we support several friendly organizations in their efforts to promote Arabic culture and language. Examples include SOS Villages in Kfarhay and Sferai, to which we provided internet connection and computers for a correspondence project with our students, as well as games and audio equipment. We also collaborate with public libraries like ASSABIL in Beirut and the Arab Film and Media Institute (AFMI), sponsoring the annual screening of Lebanese films at the Arab Film Festival in San Francisco, including works such as Nadine Labaki’s “Capharnaum.”

To celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2019, we participated in the ‘One Book Purchased, One Cedar Planted’ initiative and contributed to the planting of a mini forest of cedars in Arz, Lebanon, on behalf of all Alefb’s children.

On the commemorative plaque of this celebration, one can read in three languages: “For our children, like the cedars, strong in our roots, we cultivate our language and traditions.”

من أجل أولادنا تجذّرنا أرزاً ناشرون لغتنا و ثقافتنا عزّاً

In reflection of Alefb’s commitment to both global understanding and environmental responsibility, the 25th-anniversary celebration took a unique and impactful turn. A symbolic gesture was made by planting a mini forest of cedar trees in Lebanon. Each tree represented not just growth in nature but the flourishing journey of students who benefited from Alefb’s classes. These seeds have since grown into strong and lively cedars, much like the students who are blossoming into global citizens.

Alefb stands as a beacon of cultural exchange, providing new perspectives to both adults and children alike. The curriculum goes beyond language acquisition, instilling in students a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of Arabic culture. Through immersive experiences, students learn not only the language but also gain insights into the history, traditions, and contemporary issues of the Arab world.

Last summer of 2023, I visited Dr. Youssef Tawk, the initiator of the cedar reforestation project, and it was with immense pleasure that I observed our tiny plants had grown well.

Our beneficiaries, young and old, can take pride in this!

As we mark three decades of existence, Alefb looks back with gratitude and forward with enthusiasm. This 30th-year milestone, is not just a testament to longevity but a celebration of the transformative journey embarked upon by thousands of students over the years.

These 30 years are not just a passage of time but a testament to our ongoing commitment to education, culture, and building a better future. We express our gratitude to our students, teachers, partners, and everyone who has contributed to making Alefb a positive force.

Over the next years, we will continue to cultivate connections, sow seeds of knowledge, and be strong guardians of our roots.

As Alefb enters its fourth decade, the commitment to nurturing global citizens remains unwavering. The impact is seen in the diverse and interconnected network of individuals who have passed through its unique program. Students emerge not only with linguistic proficiency but with a broader worldview, armed with the tools to navigate an increasingly interconnected world.

The journey continues, and Alefb stands strong, weaving linguistic and cultural threads that connect people and promote a shared understanding of our global community.

Watch this video for more information on the Cedar Forest in Lebanon.

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