Arabic is one of the most difficult languages to learn! It is no easy task!
The good news is you can now effectively learn Arabic anytime, anywhere!
In no time you will be able to understand, converse and manage to communicate in the topic of your choice, all bil Arabi!


We put our learners in the driving seat, as young as 3 years old. We guide them to own their learning, with our proprietary tools developed over the course of 25 years. 

For each registration, we offer a free prior consultation to find the best teacher and program based on a smart questionnaire, with each learner in mind. No one-size-fits-all, we listen to you, adapt to you and make you feel good about your journey to Arabic proficiency. Some of our students will relate to their parents’ heritage, while some others will discover a whole new world of interesting sounds, visuals and traditions. To that effect, we have adopted an integrated and interactive method of teaching through a proprietary curriculum designed, implemented, and maintained by us. We adopt a unique holistic approach, combining classical and colloquial Arabic, that teaches our learners to communicate in any situation.


  • 25+ years of know-how: Alefb has been teaching Arabic as a foreign language since 1994
  • Professional, quality, unique, engaging #Arabic4Good© multimedia curriculum
  • Focus on communication skills both written and spoken
  • Authentic culture infused classes
  • Free Pen pal correspondence to wrap up the experience #Sawa4Good
  • Trained energetic teachers who are all Arabic native speakers, hired locally in Lebanon and MENA.


Once you make your selection from our four programs, we help you customize your journey to your needs and time constraints, in compliance with the National Standards for the teaching of Foreign Languages.
You will get a serious instruction where the 5 Cs are the real pillars of our teaching: Communication, Culture, Connection, Comparison, and Community.


Each program can be taught over 30min, 45min or 1 hour; once a week or more. You can even share the classes with your toddler. You decide!

All programs lead to immediate gratification with the completion of a communicative multimedia project that our learners can share with pride, together with their own certificate of completion.

We have a 90% retention rate, and 100% satisfaction from parents and students.

Discovery Program

5-hour package


This one is for you if:

You’re looking for an intensive program during school break.
You want to try it before you commit further, and yet feel proud of your quick results.

Foundation Program

10-hour package


Choose this one if:

You want to dedicate one quarter to your Arabic learning.  
You are eager to create a project  of your choice bil Arabi.

Loyalty Program

40-hour package

$35/hour (save $200)

Select this one if:

You are ready to include your Arabic routine for a year.
You are committed to building on your learning efforts and move up consistently.

Duo Program

10-hour package

$30/hour per student

Opt for this one if:

You want to share the fun with a friend/sibling.
You love team work & mutual encouragement. 


We offer group workshops a few times per year.

They are open to all registered students with Alefb and new students.

This is a wonderful time to experiment the language or to practice with friends and family.

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