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It is this time of the year, when children are out of school and at risk of falling behind. Studies show the importance of continued practice, especially for students of Foreign Languages.  Over the years, Alefb stood by you and constantly offered group workshops during the Summer, as well as 1-on-1 Arabic classes with native speakers and local teachers. A good way to continue to speak and listen to Arabic in a playful way! Thankfully, this
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What will you be doing this Summer? Tech 🤖, compost ♻️, cooking 🥘, abjadieh ب ا ? There is something for everybody ! All Bil Arabi! Discover our online group sessions here: https://mailchi.mp/7532826b38bb/t8hv7u0wtj  
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New Quarter, New Website, New Partnerships, New Teachers & New Offerings! Let’s Spring into new beginnings 🎈 https://mailchi.mp/57c1663baf41/spring-into-new-beginnings-10142680