How to improve learners Arabic language skills, in a playful way: Try to switch one English word for an Arabic word, every week. For example: ask you children to use Min Fadlik/Min Fadlak, instead of Please. The following week, you can add another word. In no time, your children will be uttering full sentences in Arabic! More hints: Use a black or white boardย on your refrigerator as aย reminder for grocery. Here is a picture of
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It is this time of the year, when children are out of school and at risk of falling behind. Studies show the importance of continued practice, especially for students of Foreign Languages.ย  Over the years, Alefb stood by you and constantly offered group workshops during the Summer, as well as 1-on-1ย Arabic classes with native speakers and local teachers. A good way to continue to speak and listen to Arabic in a playful way! Thankfully, this
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