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So proud to be featured in “ArabAmerica” Arab America for Arabic International Language Day, by our Alumni Khalid Kishawi. Read below ⬇️ PHOTO: puffin11k/Flickr – Spiegel by Jaume Plensa at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, United Kingdom.   Celebrating the 48th United Nations Arabic Language Day POSTED ON: DEC 15, 2021 By: Khalid Kishawi / Arab America Contributing Writer   World Arabic Language Day is celebrated every year on 18 December since 2012. The date coincides with
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How to improve learners Arabic language skills, in a playful way: Try to switch one English word for an Arabic word, every week. For example: ask you children to use Min Fadlik/Min Fadlak, instead of Please. The following week, you can add another word. In no time, your children will be uttering full sentences in Arabic! More hints: Use a black or white board on your refrigerator as a reminder for grocery. Here is a picture of

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