Alefb offers you several options: take our online classes with native teachers and/or be part of our free Pen-Pal program #Sawa4Good to connect with a friend in Lebanon. And like Dunia, if you have the opportunity, visit your family in their homeland. An immersive experience is always enriching and rewarding.
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WE ARE GRATEFUL! I just came back from Lebanon, and all I can say is: !الحمدالله! ممنونين Yes, we are grateful that people are still holding down the fort for us, teachers are still teaching, and kids are still curious. For me, education is key. It is the only way forward against adversity, and towards a better, more equitable world. I am humbled by the enthusiasm I see in our dedicated teachers, the tangible progress I notice
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You want your child to learn Arabic but you are afraid it is going to confuse your 6 year old because he/she has just started learning to write and read. Studies have shown that learning a second language at a young age can only be to the benefit of the child. Teaching a language such as Arabic which is different from a western language such as French or English is much easier and less confusing
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