Discover our Success Stories, uncovering the impact we’ve had on our community’s achievements and the positive transformations we’ve brought to their lives. Let their journeys serve as inspiration for you to embark on the road to success in mastering the Arabic language.


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I work with Alef,b… as an educator and consultant. I have a bachelor degree in Special Education (Saint Joseph University -Lebanon) and a Master in Sciences of Education (Sorbonne University – Paris). The way we are teaching our kids is extremely captivating, through games, songs, plays and stories. They learn how to speak, read, and write Arabic as a second language. Not only we teach Arabic as a language but we also emphasize on our cultural values as we expose them to the customs and traditions of the region.

Rafah Helal, Teacher- Washington DC

I am proud to have been associated with the creation of Alef,b… I was and still am driven by my desire to create an identity for the Arab children born abroad. My background as an early education specialist, graduated from the Lebanese University, was of great help to me. When I see the children at Alef, b…, so happy to learn about their origins and so proud to show their knowledge of the Arabic language, I am fulfilled. I have been teaching at Alef, b… since its inception in 1996! It is still as exciting and challenging and I really feel we make a difference in those children’s life.

Rola El Homsi, Teacher – Alefb Paris

Thanks Joelle! Yasmine has really enjoyed taking Arabic with you!  We are very happy with the progress she is making with you and are looking forward to the next project. The project based learning on zoom is really working well!

Khalil Maalouf – Washington DC – Parent of YASMINE (7)

We like very much Mohamad, his energy, way of teaching and the cultural approach.

Adriana Navarro López – ITALY – Parent of VALERIA (11) and MAXIMO (9)

Thank you Robert. This is a great progress with Lyna. Bravo to both for the final project!

Bilal Sleiman – Washington DC – Parent of OSCAR (9) and LYNA (11)

At 18, while an Alefb student, I was one of the first in Fairfax County-VA to get my IB with Arabic as a primary language.

Today, I am graduate of George Mason University, in Cybersecurity Engineering!

Randy, 21 – Alefb Alumni

At 8, my parents enrolled me in Alefb. At 10, I moved to Lebanon where I strived in my Arabic classe! At 19, I used my  Arabic skills for academic research at UC Berkeley. Today, at 21 I am a Software Engineer! I do appreciate Arabic series and songs in original version ad I love to meet Arabic speakers around the world and instantly be able to connect with them.

Yara, 21 – Alefb Alumni

The correspondence with Hadeel is one of the most impactful components of my time at Alefb. She was the first friend i ever made in Lebanon. Having grown up in the us this meant a lot to me. She was the first connection to Lebanon i had outside of family. Building a relationship with her through our letters, and then meeting her in person over the summer, is something i will never forget. I learned a lot from her kindness and generosity and am forever grateful!

Raya, 28 – Alefb alumni student – About Sawa4Good program – Associate @mckinsey&company

Alefb is one of DC area’s top individualized learning schools/academies. With its emphasis on Arabic Language it has taking the prime spot as the de facto destination for Arab-Americans, expatriates and persons wishing to learn the language at varying levels. Under the leadership of Michelle Tager, Alefb became a trust institute that parents can rely on for tutoring their children. Michelle not only has the skills and experience to lead that role but also has the dedication, patience and most importantly care to improve the lives of all stakeholders from the administration, staff, tutors, families, children and the community as a whole. Long before the Covid-19 situation, the availability of online classes has extended the scale of outreach and gave it a larger footprint with access to all audiences. It is a both a pleasure and an advantage to be part of its family. My sincere wishes go to its continuous success and growth.

Bilal Sleiman – Washington DC – Parent of OSCAR (9) and LYNA (11)

We have been with Alefb for 4 years now and I only have good things to say. The teachers are wonderful and very dedicated and the program is very creative and engaging. My kids grew to love Arabic language and culture and are now much more confident expressing themselves in Arabic. We have shifted from in-person to online classes and it has been a great experience with both formats. What I appreciate the most about this program is that it prioritizes the child’s needs and interests. The online classes offer unique learning experience for my kids as they are geared towards playful learning, exploration and creativity. I am truly amazed how fast my kids are learning and most important of all how much they are enjoying their Arabic classes. I highlight recommend this program!

Nadine Boksmati-Fattouh – Washington DC – Parent of KEIRA (10) & RHEA (8)

In a decade of various extracurricular Arabic language classes I heard a lot of things from the kids, not all of them as happy as I’d wish. Imagine my delight at hearing bright, cheery conversational Arabic punctuated by a shared laugh between the kids and their online instructor. Mabrouk to Alefb for keeping the kids engaged with pedagogically smart, engaging age-appropriate curriculum and a light heart.

Emily Katz – San Francisco – KHALED (14)  and ZEINA (14)

Alefb offered exactly what we needed: a curriculum, and a structure, to make sure the kids were taken care of in the most effective manner possible.  We implemented two different classes (by age groups) to take into account differing maturity levels for the children.  It has only been 4 months, and my children can now have light conversations in Arabic.  They recognize letters and they enjoy going to Arabic class.  They also meet new friends and share North African and Middle Eastern treats in every class.  They are learning a new language but also a whole new culture.

Samaa Haridi – New York – Parent of  MAYA (9) and ZAKARIA (6)

We like very much Mohamad, his energy, way of teaching and the cultural approach.

Adriana Navarro López – ITALY – Parent of VALERIA (11)  and MAXIMO (9)

Thank you Robert. This is a great progress with Lyna.

Bravo to both for the final project!

Bilal Sleiman – Washington DC – Parent of OSCAR (9) and LYNA (11)

I have known Alefb for over 20 years and from the beginning was impressed with this teaching method. When it came to giving my children the passion for the language, it was clear that my choice was made and Alefb was it. The method is fun, easy, and most importantly engaging. I highly recommend it.

Ali Chalabi – Los Angeles – Parent of KYARA SAKURA (8) and MAHDI (13)

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