Our children live in a non arabophone world. The only place where they hear Arabic is at home and at Alefb. Therefore we, at Alefb, want to create an appealing environment where children can meet and share the same interest for the Arabic language and culture. Some of our students will relate to their parents’ heritage, while some others will discover a whole new world of interesting sounds, visuals and traditions . To that effect, we have adopted an integrated and interactive method of teaching through a unique curriculum designed, implemented, and maintained by us.

Our curriculum is designed for 2 to 3 hour weekly workshops. Every session includes several integrated activities. A set of learning objectives is defined for each level. We have 4 levels according to the age and level of the kids. The teaching is done in a playful way based on games, songs, plays, stories, cooking activities, field trips, etc…


We are proud to abide by the National Standards for the teaching of Foreign Languages. We offer a Communication Based program. Our curriculum is organized around topics and functions so that structures and vocabulary can be taught in communicative contexts where they appear naturally.

At Alefb, we use an integrated approach using words in sentences rather than relying on flashcards.

Each lesson is based on a story. Vocabulary related to the story is reviewed and put in different contexts for the sake of better memorization. The teaching is done through individual and collective games in the classroom. We also try to expose children to typical musical instruments as well as initiate them to folkloric dances such as (Dabke, Sayf Wa Ters…).

We confirm the learning process through performance activities, such as songs, mini-booklet, acting etc. Children are always attracted and interested, while working on a performance project.