Our teachers are not only teachers, they are your guide, your friend, your mentor into the marvelous journey to Arabic proficiency. From musicians, to artists, biologists, engineers, poets, journalists, mathematicians, philosophers, photographers, and more; they come from all walks of life, to share their passion for Arabic, their native language.

Selective hiring process from a large pool of candidates

 Resumé Screening

Phone Interview 

Video Interview 

Mock Lesson Evaluation

Live Lesson Supervision

Our teachers go through a thorough hiring process. Once they are recruited they belong to the Alefb family and are part of our bigger community of #Arabic4Good©. We strive to create a safe and positive environment for our Arabic learners and teachers.

Training and professional development

Tech Training

Pedagogical training

Continuous development

Shared resources 

Alefb believes that teachers are the main assets of a successful program.

We are committed to our teachers’ development. All our teachers implement the same methodology and embrace the same Alefb approach. In addition, they are all familiar with the American Standards for teaching foreign languages in the USA (ACTFL Standards) as well as in Europe (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Our teachers benefit from a continuous training, and have access to the same Alefb resources. We all work hand in hand, sharing our experiences and knowledge to stay abreast of the latest development in the teaching of foreign language, in the most efficient manner.



Asalah Razzouk
Syrian Native
Residing in Milan – Italy

I hold a BA in Economy and E-marketing. I have been tutoring with Alefb since 2016. I live and work in Milan as an administrative employee in a trading company. In addition I volunteered on UN projects to teach Arabic for kids. Now, I am eager to share my passion for the Arabic language and culture to all children. In my spare time I like reading, walking and listening to music.


Chantale Fahmi
Lebanese Native
Residing in Akkar – Lebanon

I am a Lebanese artist and an art curator. Moreover, I teach photography at different public schools and private schools.
When I first volunteered with the #Sawa4Good program of Alefb, I liked the concept and I wanted to go further. Today, I am excited to share my passion through the teaching of the Arabic language and culture. For me, both define our identity, and living without an identity is meaningless.


Christine Slaiby
Lebanese Native
Residing in Bleibel – Lebanon

I have a Professional Masters degree in teaching, specialised in Civic Education and a Bachelor degree in Law, with over twenty years of experience of teaching civics and the Arabic language. I am fluent in Arabic English, and French.

I am a strong advocate for human rights and social justice.

My passion is helping students to succeed, and I strongly believe that the Alefb Online project-based approach is key to achieving long lasting proficiency.
I look forward to sharing my love for the Arabic language and culture bil Arabi, with all types of learners.


Elise Ayoub
Lebanese Native
Residing in Beirut – Lebanon

I am a psychomotor therapist and a holder of a master’s degree in socio-educational and family counseling. I have a remarkable experience in working with children from all ages and have a wide knowledge about children’s development on the physical, psychological and cognitive levels. I have always believed that the Arabic language is
one of the most beautiful and unique languages in the world. I also believe in the power
of the musical language. So if you’re into music like me you will love my classes.


Fouad Amraoui
Moroccan Native
Residing in Rabat – Morocco

I have been working in the field of teaching Arabic as a foreign language since 2011. I am a professor at Faculty of Educational Sciences, Mohammed V University of Rabat, an international expert with ISESCO, and academic coordinator at AMIDEAST, Morocco. In my free time, I love to play soccer, swim and read in four different languages. I am eager to share my passion for the Arabic language with children and teens alike.

Jana Nasser Photo

Jana Nasser
Lebanese Native
Residing in Beirut – Lebanon

I completed a Master degree in International Economics and Finance from the Lebanese University, in Beirut. As a leader in the Lebanese scouts association, I am trained to work on sustainable goals and I pride myself for having acquired essential and useful life skills. I enjoy nature, hiking, cooking, fitness exercise and always look for opportunities to make a difference. To me, what’s important is to contribute to our community in a meaningful way and that’s why I joined Alefb. I am looking forward to being more than just an educator, but a mentor, a confidant and a friend, Bil Arabi!  Can’t wait to share my skills and enthusiasm with future Arabic4Good learners!  


Joelle Khayat
Lebanese Native
Residing in Beirut – Lebanon

I am a violin teacher and a committed volunteer with “Jeunesses Musicales du Liban” that supports young musicians. A graduate in Medical laboratory, I am also a passionate musician, and an aspiring Kung Fu black belt instructor. As a fervent adept of teaching with patience, discipline and joy, I look forward to instilling the passion of the Arabic language and culture to my Alefb students.


Joseph Safi
Lebanese Native
Residing in Venezia – Italy

Hey! I come from a mechanical engineering background. I also acquired a Masters in Sustainable Development and I’m currently working with the fishes. You heard that right, I simulate and optimize fisheries, which aligns best with my activism, my passion for nature. Best of all, I am an Alefb Arabic Tutor. Highly enthusiastic about robotics and automated systems, green technology, and electric vehicles. I love Lebanon and its nature, which is why you’ll mostly find me hiking the country’s mountains, swimming its seas and biking its plains. I am excited to share with my students the Arabic language and culture through my experiences, all under the Alefb Online Program!


Kamala Alatmeh
Syrian Native
Residing in Virginia – USA

I majored in media and journalism. For the past twenty years, I have been teaching and writing in Arabic. I publish books, articles and short stories in local and global platforms. Arabic is my best friend; I enjoy expressing myself through it like no other language. I found art to be the best path to childrens’ learning, therefore I teach through playing, drawing and singing. I cannot hide my excitement when my students read their first Arabic word!


Mohamad Taha
Lebanese Native
Residing in Nabatiyeh – Lebanon

I am an educational consultant and former school principal. Working and playing with children is my passion especially when it allows me to share with them Arabic language and culture. I write Arabic poetry for youth, and in my spare time I like hiking, reading, gardening and working with my stamps.


Rafah Elias
Lebanese Native, Fluent in Egyptian
Residing in MD – USA

Working with children of all ages is my passion. I hold a B.A. in Special Education and I have been teaching Arabic and French for over 30 years, incorporating games, songs, and technology in the classroom. I swim, read, hike, listen to music, and make puzzles on my free time and I love to share the knowledge of the Arabic language and culture.


Robert Gemayel
 Lebanese Native
Residing in Jbeil – Lebanon

I am a Journalist, a Trainer, and a TV Content Producer holding a master’s degree in communication sciences and digital media. I use the power of media to promote peace in Lebanon and the Middle East. I am thrilled to be teaching Arabic through interactive online sessions by sharing stories, and discovering topics of interest with learners of all ages. In my spare time, I love to practice Latin dance and photography.

pix Suzanne

Suzanne Kaedbay
Lebanese Native
Residing in Aley – Lebanon

As I recently finished my Bachelor in Architecture, I decided to pursue a Master in Restoration and started studying Archeology. I love historical site-seeing and museums visits. I also love nature and I regularly go on hikes. My hobbies are reading and cooking. I am excited to start teaching with Alefb to share my knowledge of the Arabic language and culture to children and adults alike.


Ziad Eldanaf
Lebanese Native
Residing in Baalchmay – Lebanon

After completing a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Arabic Language and Literature, I am currently a Master’s degree student in the department of Philosophy at the American University of Beirut. I am an instructor of Arabic at AUB’s CAMES summer programs since 2018. Recently, I have been sharing my passion for astronomy to children, through the Cosmic Dome planetarium workshops in Beirut. I am an avid public speaker and I love soccer. I look forward to introducing my online students to the Arabic language and culture using the Alefb methodology, essentially based on learning by doing.