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Aneesa, 8, East Bay, California
Recipe: baking cookies bil Arabi !صحتين

Khalid, 12, San Francisco
Campaign to save an endangered species

Khalid & Zeina, 12, San Francisco
Creating a voice over band on a silent video

Madeline, 7, San Mateo
Family tree and calligraphy

Zeina, 12, San Francisco
Recipe: baking a “fatira”

Renée, 7, San Mateo
Performing an Arabic nursery song

تبو لة                     by:Natasha Forstner     11 years old, Alefb student of Arabic as a foreign language, beginner recipe main photo

Natasha, 11, New York
Recipe: how to prepare a “tabbouleh”

Nour & Kyara, 9, Montreal – Canada
Recipe: excerpt from “making manouche”