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Tips & Hints for Arabic Learners.

How to improve learners Arabic language skills, in a playful way:
Try to
switch one English word for an Arabic word, every week. For example: ask you children to use Min Fadlik/Min Fadlak, instead of Please. The following week, you can add another word. In no time, your children will be uttering full sentences in Arabic!

More hints:
Use a black or white board on your refrigerator as a reminder for grocery. Here is a picture of one we made with my son, for the family to use every time some grocery is missing. 

Have your children create a blog or a journal: kids and parents alike will contribute their pictures, souvenirs, and best moments of the week, the vacations etc. in Arabic. Send us excerpts of your journals, share your blogs, we will post on our Facebook page or Instagram page.

Dedicate some time to spend with your children, bil Arabi:
Read with your children here
Play online with your children here

Use this fun website to create art with Arabic words. Ask your child for his or her favorite word in Arabic, or English (you will translate it for them in Arabic), type it in Arabic using a visual Arabic keyboard (learn how to add Arabic to your Microsoft office suite, here) and copy paste the word in the appropriate box. Pick your style and your font and let the magic unfold… Send us a picture of you masterpiece,  and  we will post it in our next Newsletter. 


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