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Learn Arabic Online and Create Job Opportunities in Lebanon and MENA

Our mission is to foster global citizenship and support local educators. As a non-profit organization, we are committed to creating enjoyable, interactive, and culturally rich Arabic learning experiences. Our personalized online Arabic classes, led by local instructors, cater to your individual interests. In just 5 hours of instruction, students acquire practical communication skills applicable to real-life situations. Starting your Arabic learning journey with us, is a click away!

Discovery Program

5-hour package


Foundation Program

10-hour package


Loyalty Program

40-hour package

$35/hour (save $200)

Duo Program

10-hour package

$30/hour (2 students)

Transforming Communities with #Arabic4Good©: Satisfied Students, Proud Parents, and Happy Teachers

Our teachers, carefully selected and trained, offer personalized online classes tailored to students’ interests. They help each learner create meaningful projects using various media, like text, audio, images, and video. Examples include interactive family trees, favorite “booza” recipes, hometown tours, and more, all in Arabic. Our students develop skills in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing through an integrated approach that combines classical and colloquial Arabic.

How it Works?

1. Register Online

Complete the online registration form, choose your preferred time, and the package that suits you best.

2. Chat & Match

Chat freely with a specialist to discuss your expectations and be matched with the right teacher.

3. Learn & Create

Choose your topic of interest with your teacher and experience personalized learning.

4. Celebrate & Share!

Make and share your own project. Receive your certificate of completion and feel accomplished!

Why Choose Alefb Online?


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Not sure how to approach this?

We start by understanding your interests and expectations. Then, you’ll create your own multimedia project in Arabic. With each project, you’ll become more fluent in no time.


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Can you fit one more activity in your student weekly planning?

Absolutely! Join your session anytime, from anywhere. You can pause, restart, and reschedule effortlessly. Choose the package that best suits you, whether solo or duo.


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Do you want to make an impact?

Feel great about joining a nonprofit organization that aims to make a positive impact. Through our free #Sawa4Good©, E-pal program, students will connect with friends across the globe in Arabic.

Free Additional Programs for Alefb Students & Friends*

Practice your Arabic skills, share cultural perspectives, and forge lasting friendships with our virtual correspondence program.

Learn and have fun with friends and family in our occasional and seasonal workshops led by experts.

 Play and learn with Dunia Fi Lubnan, our unique Interactive Story book. Access story narration, drills and cultural notes.

Our Story, Our Legacy

Alefb in numbers

Alefb since 1994


"I've known AlefB for over 20 years and have always been impressed with their teaching method. When it came to instilling a passion for the language in my children, the choice was clear: AlefB. Their method is fun, easy, and, most importantly, engaging. I highly recommend it."
Ali Chalabi
Los Angeles Parent of KYARA SAKURA (8) and MAHDI (13)
"Corresponding with Hadeel at SOS villages was deeply meaningful. As my first friend in Lebanon, she bridged my connection to the country beyond my family. Our letters led to a memorable summer meeting. Her kindness taught me much, and I'm forever grateful."
Raya, 28
About Sawa4Good program. Alefb alumni student. Associate@mckinsey&company