Alefb believes that teachers are the main assets of a successful program.

We are committed to our teachers’ development.

Whether you are an actual teacher or a prospective Alefb teacher, we will train you on our curriculum as well as on the new methodologies to teach Arabic as a foreign language.
You will become familiar with the Standards to teach foreign languages in the USA (ACTFL Standards) as well as in Europe (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

We offer on-line training as well as on-site training for varied durations according to needs.

If interested in joining one of our sessions, please inquire by contacting us at

We are always looking to increase our pool of educators in our different locations.

Please check our openings here.

Your own Alef,b… Classes

Alefb is happy to assist you in setting up your own Alefb location.

You can choose from several options, whether you are an individual or an organization.

You are a suitable candidate if you can secure a location, a teacher (who will be trained on our material, and program) and at least 6 children of same level and age. Alefb will assist you all along these steps, once you expressed your interest in using Alefb curriculum.
If you are an organization, Alefb will discuss the best way to implement Alefb curriculum in your school, or other setting.
Alefb will be there from inception of the program (promotion, organization, hiring teachers, recruiting students), through implementation (training the teachers, holding orientation meetings with parents, providing the curriculum and all related educational material) and monitoring and evaluation (on-going support, assessment etc).

We have successfully implemented our program with the following organizations, and much more:

Sligo Creek Elementary School
Silver Creek, MD
ADS, Washington DC chapter
FAIS – SanFrancisco, CA
LAA – Bay area, CA

Please contact us to explore this further, at

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

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